1972 at a school party in Hannover with the "olympic white" Fender Precision 1964 Bass

1973 "Dawn Road"  Jürgen Rosenthal, Uli Roth, Francis Buchholz, Achim Kirschning

1973  Jürgen Rosenthal, Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine, Achim Kirschning, Uli J. Roth, Francis Buchholz
before recording the Scorpions' album "Fly To The Rainbow"

1979  "Virgin Killer", the Scorpions' first gold album in Japan
Francis Buchholz, Klaus Meine, Matthias Jabs, Dieter Dierks (producer), Hermann Rarebell, Rudolf Schenker

1984  ...  taken at Alcatraz prison during the shooting of the Scorpions's video "No One Like You" .
Francis is pointing at Rudolf who is wearing "Blackout" forks and head cover.

1987 during the recording of the Scorpions' album "Savage Amusement" with Dierks appering as Ceasar.
Francis Buchholz, Rudolf Schenker, Dieter Dierks (producer) , Klaus Meine, Matthias Jabs, Herman Rarebell

1988 Scorpions "Savage Amusement Tour" at Orange Bowl Open Air,  Miami, Florida, USA
with the Warwick Streamer Black # 1 Bass

1991 Scorpions "Crazy World Tour"  with the Warwick Streamer Black # 1 Bass

1991 Scorpions "Crazy World Tour" with the Warwick Streamer Red Bass

Scorpions  -   Francis, Rudolf, Matthias, Klaus
at  Irvine Meadows (today named: Verizon Wireless Amphitheater), Irvine, California, USA -  18. June 1991

Temple Of Rock Tour - Europe 2012    -    Francis, Wayne Findley, Michael Schenker